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we come to you...This is what makes us unique!


So you own a business...that means you are the owner, the manager, the human resources department, the marketing and sales department, the manufacturing department and the accounting department.  Not to mention, you are a spouse, a parent, a volunteer and somewhere in the mix you need to find time for your hobbies.  Premier Accounting Services, LLC takes all the accounting duties off your plate and gives you the much needed time a business owner deserves.  

Not only are we your full-service accounting department, but we come to you!  No need to box up your receipts and take them to someone else's office only to find out you forgot critical data.  We work out of your office, right where you house all your data so we are accurate, timely and efficient.  We come when it's most convenient for you so we don't interrupt your important daily activities.   

We take the burden of accounting and payroll off your plate, in a cost-effective manner, so you can focus on the important things...growing and managing your business and gaining the much desired personal time.

on-site bookkeeping